Statement from the Editors

In recent years, it often seems as if communities are at odds with the news media. To bridge the divide between our journalists and its community is the purpose of our monthly Meet the Press meeting with the editors at Double Sided Media. Every month, we’ll host a virtual meeting with our subscribers to hear criticism, feedback and answer questions. People have a right to hold us accountable in the same way we, as journalists, speak truth to power. 

Journalism is an imperfect craft, but as an independent autonomous collective, Double Sided Media will face the difficult questions–both of the world around us and of ourselves. That’s where our readers come in. We need the community that we inform to understand that we are listening to them, that we’re trying to give them what they want in our newsroom. 

Our goal at Double Sided Media is to embrace complexity. Just as we plan to hold the powerful accountable for their actions, we need the public to hold us accountable. We won’t have an answer for every question but we will strive to meet your standards. We aren’t going to pretend like journalism is easy. 

Our community deserves more devotion than that. 

We will be releasing dates for our first Meet the Press on Patreon. Thank you for your continued support. https://www.patreon.com/doublesidedmedia

David Galbreath
Managing Editor at | + posts

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