The Team

Raised with a love for the outdoors, fascination with the arts, and hatred for California, David is a proud Oregonian. He moved from his hometown in the Rogue Valley to Eugene in 2016 to pursue college. 

It wasn’t until he attended Lane Community College that he found a growing passion for journalism. In 2018 he met Annie, M.G. Belka, and James when he joined the Torch Newspaper. His interest in news production became a passion over the two years of working at the Torch. Halfway to a BA degree, he is now attending the University of Oregon while making time for his video game addiction and part-time job cooking for the Glenwood Restaurants. 

During the summer of 2020, he co-founded DoubleSided Media with M.G. Belka and Annie in an attempt to reform the way audiences interpret modern journalism.

David Galbreath

Twitter: @RNGDave

Janusz (Lopaka) Malo

Twitter: @Lopaka_Shaka

Janusz has lived in Oregon for most of his adult life and has studied at both Southern and Eastern Oregon Universities and at both Lane & Portland Community College. His area of focus is how anthropology can bring a lesser-seen angle to conventional journalism.

James Croxton is a journalist, student, and vinyl record collector and dealer. Born and raised in the Bay Area by two Deaf parents and a set of grandparents, James has been a competitive cyclist, a voting precinct inspector, a judge for the Classic Thunderbird Club International, and a contributor to 2017’s three-volume KISS MY WAX: The KISS LP Bible. After moving to Oregon and finding his passion for writing in 2018, he accepted an offer by Editor-in-Chief of The Torch, Marek Belka, to join the student newspaper. For almost two years, he worked as an investigative reporter, and eventually rose to Copy Editor under EIC David Galbreath, focusing on major departmental changes and controversies.

Attending the University of Oregon since 2019, James majors in both journalism and cinema studies with a minor in art history. There, he is a reporter for the Daily Emerald and is on both the arts and culture desk discussing film and television as well as the news desk: reporting on and live-tweeting protests in the Eugene and Springfield area.

Managing Editor
James Croxton

Twitter: @jwcroxton

John, originally from Lawrence, Ks, has been living in Eugene since 2018. He is an artist and photographer attending Lane Community College for Multimedia Design. It was there where he was able to get more formal experience in the field of photojournalism through The Torch. Now a member of the DSM team, John continues to seek out truths unknown with observation and an objective eye.

John Adair

Instagram: @kaleidoscope8eyes

Twitter: @JA_Photographs


The Mission

DoubleSided Media is a media collective composed of writers, photographers, and digital designers with the shared goal of changing the way our audience views local journalism and reporting. Our mission is to bring thorough, detailed, and vibrant stories to readers and viewers while transforming what it means to be a transparent media outlet. We want to reinvent independent journalism by immersing ourselves in the stories we cover, because we believe that empathy–real, genuine, human empathy–is the first step to understanding our troubled world. 

And we’ll do all this while remaining 100 percent independent and reader-supported. Truth has no corporate paymaster, and neither do we.
Join us as we peel back the layers of our endlessly complicated and sometimes terrifying times while unmasking the mysteries behind independent journalism.