A screenshot that provides an overview of the 4J School District's Postvention Procedures. A summary of the text is that the postvention activities "serve to enhance future prevention efforts and save lives." There are Goals listed that include "support the grieving process," "prevent suicide contagion," and "provide long-term surveillance" among others. Some of the listed Cautions include "avoid romanticizing or glorifying event or vilifying victim," "do not eulogize victim or conduct school-based memorial services," and "do not release information in a large assembly or over the intercom" among others.

Postvention Procedures from the current 4J School District’s Suicide Prevention Plan. This page showd the need to reduce the “suicide contagion” and return the school to “its normal routine.” Postvention is defined by OAR 309-027-0200(10), not (8).

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