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A collage of video feeds taken from a Zoom meeting hosted by the city of Eugene featuring local politicians, activists, and organizers. 2

The Activists and the Bureaucrats (Part II)

This is an ongoing story. Click here for Part 1. Eugene’s city-sponsored committee to reform policing met for the second time on Oct. 6. So far, the committee has yet to make any major...

Banners that were unfurled in front of Johnson Hall that read Disarm, Divest and Democratize around a larger banner that reads Reclaim UO 2

The Occupation of Johnson Hall, Day 1

As the crowd dwindled and Against Me!’s “Baby, I’m an Anarchist” played through a blown-out amplifier, the chained-up activists offered up a promise to those who wanted to participate in the occupation.

A shirtless man does pushups on a set of concrete steps, for some reason. 0

PHOTOS: Black Unity Returns to Springfield

Black Unity and their followers were met by counter-protesters, including some members of the local so-called “patriot’s militia” which led to scuffles and at least one incident in which protesters were attacked with mace.