A Community Mourns, The System Continues: Lane County Residents Light a Path to Hope and Reconciliation.

Photo-Editorial of one community mourning two losses and institutional austerity As fall ends and winter rises, Lane County residents with candles in hand lit up the dark night in remembrance of lives lost, rage at a system of cruelty, and fueled the spark of hope. When trans lives are under attack and houseless neighbors are […]

Cascadia Forest Defenders Begin Occupation in Willamette National Forest and Join Demonstration on University Campus

Beginning on Nov. 16, community members with Cascadia Forest Defenders began “occupying a road leading to public forest slated for clear-cutting in the Willamette National Forest” — a part of the Breitenbush Watershed.  The press release regarding this action can be read here.  The next day, on Nov. 17, members of both Cascadia Forest Defenders […]

Oakland, California’s POOR Magazine Hosts ‘Homefulness’ Workshop, Member of Stop The Sweeps Arrested

On Nov. 15, POOR Magazine—a California-based indigenous, working-class, and “people-led” media collective—held workshops at two of Eugene’s houseless camps.  The workshops centered around “homefulness,” or “the homeless solution to homelessness,” as said by one of the organizers. In spreading “homefulness,” camp residents were instructed to write either a story or poem. A video interview was […]

 “Friends don’t let friends become cops” — GTFF 3544 holds anti-CIA teach-in

On Nov. 10, members of the Graduate Teaching Fellows Federation 3544 led an anti-Central Intelligence Agency teach-in behind Tykeson Hall on the University of Oregon campus. According to organizers, the event was in response to the CIA attempting to recruit both undergraduate and graduate students as recently as this week.  There, the group of about […]

Newberg Community Demands School District ‘Bring Back Joe’

On Nov. 9, late into the evening, the Newberg School Board voted 4-3 to remove Superintendent Dr. Joe Morelock. Two days later, on Nov. 11—Veterans Day—the community responded in protest outside of the district office demanding that the board “Bring Back Joe.” Morelock had served as the superintendent since June 2018 and during that time […]

PHOTOS: ASFCME Local 1724 Rally at Kesey Square

On Nov. 8, members of ASFCME Local 1724 and their allies held a rally at Kesey Square over unfair wages and job security. Management is expected to receive a 5.6% wage increase according to the union.

“First Amendment Auditors” Harass Owners of Local Business and are Arrested

Downtown Eugene’s “Crumb Together” targeted by anti-mask pair Editor’s Note: The article was updated to reflect that both individuals have been released. Ricki Scott Collin and Amy Verlee Hall were arrested on Wednesday, Nov. 3 following an altercation involving the owner of Crumb Together, a local cookie business in downtown Eugene. The business had previously […]

God, Goats, and Misinformation on the Radio Part I

In 1923, a man by the name of John R. Brinkley received a radio broadcast license for a station he called KFKB, or Kansas First, Kansas Best. Some would call him the “Goat Gland Radio Doctor,” but others would later call him the “Nazi Goat Gland Doctor” and, legally, he was proved to be a […]

Proud Boys Surround, Intimidate Press Outside of Eugene TPUSA Event

Editor’s Note: This article was jointly published with Left Coast Right Watch. To see more about what LCRW does, please check out their website and, to support them, Patreon. On Oct. 27, Charlie Kirk of Turning Point USA’s long-planned stop in Eugene for his college campus Critical Racism Tour took place at the Emerald Valley […]

Charlie Kirk of Turning Point USA Speaks During “Eugene” Tour Stop

On Oct. 27, after several cancellations, Charlie Kirk hosted a  conservative Evangelical event at the Emerald Valley Golf Club in Creswell, Oregon. Kirk, according to his bio on Premiere Speakers Bureau, is the “founder and president of Turning Point USA, a movement focused on the identifying, organizing, and empowering of young people to promote the […]


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