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Shouting from the tree tops

The Cascadia Forest Defenders have positioned themselves high in the trees in the Olallie Creek area. In several towns on the way to the forest like Vida, Nimrod, Finn Rock, Rainbow, and Blue River, there were charred trees and many stone chimneys, all that was left of people’s homes and businesses. There were construction crews throughout, though, helping to rebuild.

Plastic, Part II 1

Plastic, Part II

This is where this is going to hurt – if you are already aware of the awful, heart-wrenching and disgusting impact of our listless waste expenditure, please shed a tear and head for the...

Plastic, Part I 1

Plastic, Part I

When I look around my kitchen, I am met with the array of typical western kitchen tools and accoutrements: Copper pots, stainless steel pans, mismatched metal silverware, wooden slabs, dual purpose spoons, and cabinets. Ceramic plates, cups and cutely sized ramekins. And everywhere in between, is, of course, plastic!