Eugene Rising, Part VII

How Eugene Was Lost

Eugene Rising, Part V

From Occupy Eugene to Donald Trump in Four Short Years

Eugene Rising, Part III

Our Serial Bombers are Locally-Sourced and Always Organic

Eugene Rising: A History of Protest in the Emerald City

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News You Might Have Missed: Week of January 17

News You Might Have Missed is a weekly run-down of quick local news stories and links where you can investigate these stories for yourself.  In a perfect world, I’d be able to write all these stories myself, but I only have so much time in a day to write articles. Climate I got an emailContinue reading “News You Might Have Missed: Week of January 17”

Proud Boys Attend Rally in Eugene, Three Arrested

Members of the Proud Boys and rally organizers accused EPD officers of “protecting antifa” but video shows an EPD officer returning a flagpole to the same person who had wielded it as a spear.

UPDATED: EPD Officers Shoot Black Man, Department Struggles to Keep Story Straight

Muhsin Sharif’s name wasn’t even released by law enforcement–it was his sisters who revealed his identity to KEZI two days after he was shot.

Love and the Carceral State: One couple’s journey through the labyrinth of Oregon’s justice system

Leni hasn’t seen her fiancé in over a year.