Eugene Rising, Part IV

Welcome to The Anarchist Capital of the World

Eugene Rising, Part II

Part II: The Workers, The Racists, and The Vagrants

EXCLUSIVE AUDIO: UO President Pushes Back Against Protester Demands

“I would not be at all likely to request that the University lobby in support of reform along the lines that you are suggesting.”

Passing the Torch: Training a new generation of activists

As the days of nationwide Black Lives Matter protests grow, Eugene’s activists continue to face hurdles in organization and opposition, But, they’re finding new ways to educate and mobilize people within the city.

PHOTOS: Black Unity Returns to Springfield

Black Unity and their followers were met by counter-protesters, including some members of the local so-called “patriot’s militia” which led to scuffles and at least one incident in which protesters were attacked with mace.

The Militia is Coming

There’s a long history of right-wing militia activity in Oregon, and the areas around Eugene are no different. For as long as Eugene has claimed itself as a progressive paradise, there have been neo-Nazis and white supremacists and militiamen around to counter that claim.