Monthly Archive: September 2022

Kevin Barnes, wearing a shiny top, whiteish shirt, and blue wig, strums a guitar while singing into the microphone. The stage lights are purplish. 0

REVIEW: of Montreal Returns to the WOW Hall

Returning to Eugene on their first tour since the COVID-19 pandemic began, Kevin Barnes’ eclectic indie-pop band of Montreal brought their usual colorful and theatrical show to the WOW Hall on the evening of...

Alex Jones, a short haired white man, holds both his hands up to his face in a look of astonishment as he speaks through a couple of microphones placed in front of him. 2

God, Goats, and Misinformation on the Radio Part II

Over the course of the last sixty one years, the alt-right has been gaining massive traction on the “air waves.” Political Evangelicals have been exposing United States citizens and the world to ridiculous amounts...