How Copaganda Works: A Look at Eugene Police Department’s Digital Newsroom

Propaganda isn’t always about changing minds. It’s often about maintaining the expectations of minds you already have.

The Activists and Bureaucrats (Part III)

In short, this attempt at meaningful police reform in Eugene is following playbooks that have yet to produce meaningful reform.

Love and the Carceral State: One couple’s journey through the labyrinth of Oregon’s justice system

Leni hasn’t seen her fiancé in over a year.

The Activists and the Bureaucrats (Part II)

This is an ongoing story. Click here for Part 1. Eugene’s city-sponsored committee to reform policing met for the second time on Oct. 6. So far, the committee has yet to make any major steps toward forming recommendations for the city council, but the members did receive an overview of community-based police oversight from representativesContinue reading “The Activists and the Bureaucrats (Part II)”

The Activists and the Bureaucrats (Part I)

For the first time since “The Uprising” over police violence began, Eugene’s activists and local officials gathered together to create a plan for reforming police policy in the city.