Monthly Archive: July 2021


Sapphic Tragic: Lesbian Bars

Allow me to start by saying: there is no gay handbook out there folks. You do not wake up one day instantly an all-knowing gay. There is no gay stork. No gay Santa Claus leaving presents with cards that read “To: Gay, Love: Santa.” Not even a goddamn courtesy call from your local coffee shop. Queer-hood has been a battle of self discovery that the likes of straight-hood has never seen.


A City’s Response Against Hate

After their home was targeted in another hate crime, Xia Wang and Ben Christensen received an outpouring of support and strength from the community. Over the course of two days, neighbors, friends, and strangers...


A Community’s Response Against Hate

On Friday morning, the house of two local and outspoken civil rights advocates—Xia Wang and Ben Christensen— was vandalized, again. This was the fourth time it has been targeted according to the couple who believe that these are hate crimes.  


Queering the world: robbing those pesky cis-hets

As members of the “alphabet mafia” are well aware of, Queerness is often coded —think Miguel and Tulio from Road to El Dorado— and countless Disney villains. Because Queerness exists and manifests itself in both metaphysical and physical ways—and in tandem with both Queerphobia and heteronormativity—only a fraction of the world is Queer. 


First Law of Thermodynamics

In terms of this physical plane, there are no free lunches. Everything costs something; time, money, energy. Often spending one of these things results in the production of another thing to spend. Work either makes or finds sustenance, which in turn provides the very life energy required to work to find sustenance. It is a cyclical process, one known under many names: the circle of life, the life cycle, the tree of life. 


A critical look into Eugene’s Civilian Review Board

The Civilian Review Board is a committee selected by the Eugene City Council, composed of seven board members, the CRB’s purpose is to be an additional layer of accountability for the police. Their mission is to provide impartial oversight and review of civilian complaints and internal investigations, to ensure that complaints are handled fairly, building trust and confidence, while encouraging community involvement.