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Save a needle, slap a doctor

There are those who like the doctors, and those who do not. I was a strange sort of child, and enjoyed going to the doctors. I liked knowing what was going on with my body, and still do. Unlike other sciences, the medical field was one that felt closer to truth. I could trust the diagnostics, the examinations and suggestions, because cold, hard facts backed their claims. I felt as if my person was more mine the more I knew of its functions, so regardless of what afflictions put me there in the first place, I found comfort in those bleak offices. 

God, Goats, and (Paintball) Guns: A Brief History of the Secret Symbolism Behind the Proud Boys

Editor’s Note: This article contains racist imagery and caricatures, which we have included to provide historical context for the subject matter.

The United States has a deep history of secret fraternal organizations — “Good ol’ boy” groups for the privileged white, Christian, middle-class men and others deemed worthy of inclusion. In other words, current-day chuds. These secretive boys clubs afford their members opportunities for camaraderie, entertainment, and networking.

Sapphic Tragic: Lesbian Bars

Allow me to start by saying: there is no gay handbook out there folks. You do not wake up one day instantly an all-knowing gay. There is no gay stork. No gay Santa Claus leaving presents with cards that read “To: Gay, Love: Santa.” Not even a goddamn courtesy call from your local coffee shop. Queer-hood has been a battle of self discovery that the likes of straight-hood has never seen.