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Kevin Barnes, wearing a shiny top, whiteish shirt, and blue wig, strums a guitar while singing into the microphone. The stage lights are purplish. 0

REVIEW: of Montreal Returns to the WOW Hall

Returning to Eugene on their first tour since the COVID-19 pandemic began, Kevin Barnes’ eclectic indie-pop band of Montreal brought their usual colorful and theatrical show to the WOW Hall on the evening of...

Alex Jones, a short haired white man, holds both his hands up to his face in a look of astonishment as he speaks through a couple of microphones placed in front of him. 1

God, Goats, and Misinformation on the Radio Part II

Over the course of the last sixty one years, the alt-right has been gaining massive traction on the “air waves.” Political Evangelicals have been exposing United States citizens and the world to ridiculous amounts...


PHOTOS: George Floyd Square, Minneapolis, MN

On August 10, DSM photographer Robert Scherle visited the George Floyd Square at the intersection of E. 38th and Chicago in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  In his own words:  “There are no ghosts at George Floyd’s...