Charlie Kirk of Turning Point USA Speaks During “Eugene” Tour Stop

On Oct. 27, after several cancellations, Charlie Kirk hosted a  conservative Evangelical event at the Emerald Valley Golf Club in Creswell, Oregon.

Kirk, according to his bio on Premiere Speakers Bureau, is the “founder and president of Turning Point USA, a movement focused on the identifying, organizing, and empowering of young people to promote the principles of free markets and limited government.” While the movement is focused on organizing new voters for the right, its fundamental values, beliefs, and mission is not new.

Centered purely on white Evangelical Christian morals, Turning Point USA and Kirk claim that the biggest issue in our nation is a lack of morals stemming from the advancement of equity, inclusion, and diversity driven by what he calls “woke leftists” and “ANTIFA.”

Following in the footsteps of past Evangelical politically motivated Christians, Kirk and his audience continue to spread racist and sexist ideals while claiming to protect civil liberty, freedom of speech, and the American way.

Kirk began the hour-and-forty-five-minute-long event by explaining how he believes “leftists and ‘cancel culture’” try to undermine the principles of democracy and destroy other people’s events. 

“Some of the low-life degenerates that live here in Eugene, were threatening the workers at the hotel and following them home, and the hotel caved,” Kirk said. 

“They’re trying to destroy our event and you guys lost and you put a lot of effort into it and we’re here tonight just to kind of show that, you know, despite all the threats of cancellation and try to go after us and mock us and to ridicule us and intimidate us, all that energy was for nothing. We went from a Holiday Inn Express to a country club, so thank you ANTIFA.”

Kirk claimed the night’s event was a victory by not allowing the left to dictate the terms of engagement, adding that the movement is growing and is focused on a people-centered government, strong families, and a faith centered life to restore the Constitution.  

The point of the event, according to Kirk, was to expose Critical Race Theory by showing how it is in every form of American life with the purpose of destroying any sort of discourse or dialogue considered to be “thought crimes.” To Kirk, people fighting for civil rights and equality are not advocating for free speech, but rather are actually working to disrupt, decay, and end western society. 

Unable to separate Church and State, Kirk believes that the Declaration of Independence was “divinely inspired and has an inseparable link with the constitution.”  Instead of teaching about that in school, Kirk claims that students now probably “learn about Maya Angelou, and white fragility, and you know, Ibram X. Kendi and all that garbage.”

According to Kirk, the United States is moving away from the principle of free speech. He believes that, now, if you’re a parent speaking out against porn being taught to six-year-olds or teaching critical race theory in school, instead of listening to these “valid complaints,” the government targets people with force and brings “the shock troops after you.”  

“We must do everything we can to dis-empower the other side and that is what this event is all about,” said Kirk. “There is a fourth branch of the government that we log into,” and Kirk claims that “is the government of Silicon Valley,” which he believes is more powerful than the federal government in policing free speech. 

“The American left has outsourced their censorship to a small group of un-elected companies that all reside in Silicon Valley and they work in collusion and in tandem together and the best example of this is their misinformation around the ‘Fauci Virus.’”

“That it is one of the great injustices of my lifetime, the fact that people have not been able to speak and hear about Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine and monoclonal antibodies and aspirin.”

Kirk said that conservatives cannot sit idly by and hope that things will pan out. He said that “it’s going to take action, it’s going to take creativity, it’s going to take statesmanship, things don’t just get better when evil is on the march.” He said that “cancel culture” has gone too far and brought up the toppling of the University’s Pioneer statue as an example.

Drawing on sympathy from his local supporters, he reminded the crowd that those marching pioneers had it rough on the Oregon Trail. He felt it was terrible to remove the statue of the pioneer who built this “wonderful state,” while fully neglecting Oregon’s—not “Orygun”—exclusionist and evil history.

To highlight his message of cancel culture’s “zero forgiveness,” Kirk brought up current examples of people like Dave Chappelle and John Gruden for “saying anything that could be deemed transphobic or anything that could be deemed racist.” 

Thirty-eight-minutes in, Kirk finally discussed Critical Race Theory and incorrectly labeled it “a filler term.” 

“Critical race theory, wokeism, diversity, equity, inclusion, very simple, it is an emphasis on organizing society and people based on things they cannot change, we believe we should organize society on things that people can change, that your soul, the betterment of your soul, spirit of your actions and your character matter, we do not think your skin color matters.”

However, Critical Race Theory, a term coined by legal scholar Kimberlé Crenshaw, seeks to examine the construct of race and institutionalized racism in the United States which perpetuate a racial caste system that relegates people of color to the bottom tier in society. 

Kirk believes that companies and individuals spend money to look diverse and inclusive, but that these efforts don’t work to solve the underlying issues, He says these efforts don’t work towards “putting black fathers back in the home, or putting police officers on the street, or actually fixing inner city schools, or the root cause of what’s happening here, or the very clear and evident moral decay in America or a million abortions happening every single year.”

He rounded up his speech by stating that the problem in America is a God-sized hole which can only be filled by one thing. “Would you rather live in a country or a state where more people are observing the teachings of the bible and understanding a transcendent order, or less.” 

“How do we prevent the collapse, by building things that last, and things that last are strong families and a naturally ordered society and we must be very clear about that,” then Kirk said “God Bless Oregon and thank you guys for coming,” before taking questions from the audience.   

Kirk spent the rest of the evening touching on all topics of interest to his right-wing audience, covering topics including abortion, gender dysphoria, and mental health from his evangelical political view point, painting everything that isn’t in-line with the “natural order,” defined in the Bible, as evil that must be stopped. He even called the January 6 insurrection a “wonderful thing.”

Turning Point USA exposed only one thing, critical racism in America, it’s roots, and those who propagate it — Kirk and his followers. 

Mary Bell

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