“No War” — Eugene Comes Together for Planet Versus Pentagon’s Global “Vigil for Peace”

On the afternoon of Mar. 6, about 100 people gathered in front of the Old Federal Building on the corner of 7th and Pearl for a Vigil for Peace — a global day of action in support of Ukrainians in their war defending against a Russian invasion.

A white flyer for Planet Versus Pentagon's Vigil for Peace in Eugene. It says "join the global say of action," "stop the war in Ukraine! Russian troops out! No to NATO expansion." "Sunday March 6 1pm Old Federal Building Pearl St. And 7th Ave.
The flyer for the Vigil for Peace in Eugene at the Old Federal Building on March 6.

Beginning at 1 p.m., the group of about 40 people started the event by holding signs such as “Healthcare Not Warfare” and “No Wars” as others steadily showed up. Less than half an hour later, the crowd had already grown to about 100 people and had taken over all four corners of the intersection.

Once almost everyone had shown up, the microphone was opened-up for those to speak about why they were attending the vigil. The first person who spoke said that “we’re in a new age” and that it was time to “disband [the North Atlantic Treaty Organization].” A Raging Granny spoke, too. She raged against the current war and said that we don’t need to be using Russian oil to just cut the country off.

A few more speakers spoke in-between the supportive honks and engine revs of passersby until formally ending the vigil around 2 p.m.

  • Two protesters in winter clothes hold a large banner that reads "NO WAR WITH RUSSIA" on the corner of 7th and Pearl in front of the Old Federal building. There is a group of protesters behind them listening to a speaker.
  • A group of protesters gathered outside of the Old Federal Building in Eugene Sunday afternoon. Two of them hold signs above their heads that read " Please. No Fly-Zone Over Ukraine!" and "Russian Warship Go F#ck Yourself" as the listen a speaker advocating for support in Ukraine.
  • two protesters in winter clothes standing on the corner of 7th and Pearl in front of the Lane County Public Service Building. The one on the left is wearing a turquoise puffy jacket, red and black felt hat and is doing a peace sign with their hands directed at drivers on 7th. The protester on the right who is wearing a beige hat, jacket and blue jeans is holding a Ukrainian flag (blue and yellow) in one hand and a sign that reads "Peace 4 Ukraine" in the other
  • in the foreground of this photo there are two elderly protesters in winter clothes, one wearing a cloche hat with black ribbon and the other a panama hat with turquoise ribbon. They are sitting down and listening to a speaker who is in the background. Beside the speaker there is a women wearing a tie-die shirt holding a large tie-die flag with a peace symbol in the center.
  • protesters standing in front of the Old Federal Building. In the center of the photo there are two men, one in a blue and black jacket with long grey hair is holding a loud speaker, the other a younger person who holding a sign in one hand that reads "Support Ukraine" as he speaks into the mic in his other hand. On the left of them is a a women in a colorful neon tie-die button up shirt and is holding a large tie-die flag with peace symbol in the center.
  • A protester in a blue hat and black jacket holds a Ukrainian flag which is blue and yellow as they listen to a speaker advocate for support in Ukraine.
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