PHOTOS: Houseless Residents at Owen Loop Evicted in Unprecedented Early Morning Weekend Sweep

On April 3, residents living in their vehicles on Owen Loop, in West Eugene, were forced to leave their homes and possessions in an unprecedented early weekend sweep. 

Residents at Owen Loop—where many had been for over two years—were given a 72-hour clean-up notice four days prior on March 30. When the sweep didn’t happen on Saturday, April 2, many expected that the sweep would actually occur on Monday. 

Instead, the City of Eugene, in an unprecedented move, began the sweep at 8 a.m. on Sunday morning. Caught by surprise, many residents were either wholly unprepared to move or were at work and would later find out that their belongings and means of shelter were gone. 

Many of the vehicles were inoperable and several of them needed gas, jump starts, or their tires inflated. 

Where they will go is unknown. The city has already banned recreational vehicles from parking on residential streets and, now, there are posted signs throughout Eugene that prohibit non-commercial vehicles from parking in industrial zones.

  • an official yellow note from The City of Eugene posted on an occupant of Owen Loop's vehicle reads Illegal Storage of Vehicle on City Street with date of notice being 3/30/22 and date of eviction (when photo was taken) being 4/2/22. The text below the title of the note is too small to read.
  • in this photo there are five people walking together. In the front is an officer in uniform wearing sunglasses. Behind him are city of Eugene workers. They walk down Owen Loop with RVs being evicted lined on either side of the street.
  • A person with long red hair in a ponytail, large hoop earings, dressed in all black with University of Oregon track pants, stands atop of their RV, taking off tarps and plastic sheeting used to protect their shelter from rain in preparation to be evicted.
  • A large backhoe extends it's arm in preparation to load tires, propane tanks, etc. below. There is a young man wearing a red helmet and reflective vest holding a large broom standing in the background watching.
  • in this photo there are two women walking down a street lined with RVs and Trailers on either side. The one on the left is pushing a cart with belongings. The one on the right is pulling a cart with a young Alaskan Husky within it.
  • a large red, blue and chrome tow truck is parked in preparation to tow backed in to area where inhabitants are being evicted.
  • In the foreground of this photo there is a city worker (out of focus) wearing a red helmet, reflective vest, and gloves. In the background there are two women standing in from of a travel trailer: the one on the left has bright red hair and is wearing a black jacket; the younger lady on the left is wearing a pink jacket with a black best over and black track pants.
  • five city of Eugene workers stand in a semi-circle appearing to brief. From the left to right stands and officer, a man with a goatee wearing a black jacket, a man wearing a reflective vest, a man wearing a reflective long sleeve, and a bearded man wearing a black jacket.
  • A large dump truck sits on site at Owen Loop on eviction day ready to be filled. On it's windshield is a large white decal that says "WE SUPPORT OUR TROOPS"
  • An older man wearing a black hat, sunglasses, reflective vest, and blue jeans overlooks a backhoe in operation. A women with blonde hair, a black jacket and blue jeans walks past.

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2 Responses

  1. Merry says:

    Thank you for this. I was there. It was devastating. My partner and I lost almost everything. Many people did. Several of those people are elderly, or disabled like myself. People forget that. Not everyone is a criminal or on drugs. I’m recovering from cancer and have no criminal record whatsoever. You may not know that before the big event, they came in days BEFORE the deadline and towed and demolished a few trailers and RVs, claiming they were derelict. I took dated photos. It was clearly a scare tactic. The one next to me that they demolished, the woman who owned it had just gotten it and was fixing it to move in. The one next to that had an elderly lady who had just bought hers, but it was not running so they took it.

  2. Merry says:

    The police and tow trucks woke us up at almost the crack of dawn, gave us a very brief time to get out if our vehicle was running, and after that had everyone blocked in so that most people actually had to leave with whatever they could carry. You can see that in these photos. The salvage guys were cherry picking through our stuff as we tried to pack up. They took vehicles, bikes, motorcycles, trailers, propane tanks, all sorts of things. I can tell you one thing, we were very deliberately far out on the edge of town, away from the public and residences. This was not necessary. They came down on us like a hammer. I heard from the street outreach team that they were shocked that we weren’t given an alternative like all the other camps were. Now people are sleeping in bushes. How is that better?

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