A man wearing a black hat and jacket stands between an RV on the left and an old pickup on the right. He is handling jumper cables running from the old truck to the RV in an attempt to jump-start the RV.Houselessness

PHOTOS: Houseless Residents at Owen Loop Evicted in Unprecedented Early Morning Weekend Sweep

On April 3, residents living in their vehicles on Owen Loop, in West Eugene, were forced to leave their homes and possessions in an unprecedented early weekend sweep. 

Residents at Owen Loop—where many had been for over two years—were given a 72-hour clean-up notice four days prior on March 30. When the sweep didn’t happen on Saturday, April 2, many expected that the sweep would actually occur on Monday. 

Instead, the City of Eugene, in an unprecedented move, began the sweep at 8 a.m. on Sunday morning. Caught by surprise, many residents were either wholly unprepared to move or were at work and would later find out that their belongings and means of shelter were gone. 

Many of the vehicles were inoperable and several of them needed gas, jump starts, or their tires inflated. 

Where they will go is unknown. The city has already banned recreational vehicles from parking on residential streets and, now, there are posted signs throughout Eugene that prohibit non-commercial vehicles from parking in industrial zones.

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