PHOTOS: “Kayaktivists” Protest Flat Country Timber Sale

Protesting the proposed old-growth logging sale within the Willamette National Forest called the “Flat Country project,” over 100 “kayaktivists” floated the McKenzie River on Oct. 8. The U.S. Forest Service’s proposed sale would include over 2,000 acres of both old-growth and mature forests “across the headwaters” of the river, according to Oregon Wild and Cascadia Wildlands.

“Kayaktivists” set off on the McKenzie River on October 8, 2022 in protest of the Flat Country Sale. [Robert Scherle // Double Sided Media]
Protesting the Flat Country timber sale, over 100 “kayaktivists” took to the McKenzie River on October 8, 2022. [Robert Scherle // Double Sided Media]
  • A photograph of three people wearing bright green vests. They're holding a banner that reads "[TREE DESIGN] CLIMATE FORESTS - WORTH MORE STANDING" with the McKenzie River in the background
  • A photograph of a more than a dozen kayaks of all colors resting on dry land. A cardboard sign that reads "FLAT COUNTRY NEEDS YOU" rests, standing up, on one of them. In the background are a handful of people preparing their watercraft for going down the McKenzie River
  • A photo of the Cascadia Wildland's green pop-up tent. There's a handful of people standing under or near it. In the background, colorful life vests can be seen worn by many poeple getting ready to go onto the McKenzie River
  • A photograph of a person with long, wavy golden red hair, speaking through a megaphone towards a blurry crowd of people in the foreground. The person next to them is wearing a hat and a black tanktop.
  • A photograph of a person wearing a grey cap, black tank top, and dark green shorts, speaking into a megaphone while simulatenously holding and reading off of a piece of paper.
  • A man, with long greyish hair, beard, wears sunglasses and blows into a harmonica attached at his neck into a microphone. He's also strumming a guitar.
  • A photograph of a person in a yellow inflatable kayak. They're wearing a bright red life preserver and using matching yellow oars to propel the craft. Sitting, royally, in front of the kayak is a light brown doggo who also has a life preserver, or vest, on
  • A photograph of a couple dozen kayaks of varying color on the McKenzie River. A couple of them are suspeneding a large banner with yellow letters that reads "FOREST DEFENSE IS WATERSHED DEFENSE"
  • A photograph of a cardboard sign resting up on theside of a kayak that reads "FLAT COUNTRY NEEDS YOU"
  • A photograph of three mallards floating on the McKenzie River. Two in the foreground are out of focus but the third, in the middle background, is clear with a bright gree nhead and yellow beak.

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