We Are Leaving Twitter — Here’s Why and Where You Can Find Us

Twitter was a crucial part of Double Sided Media’s founding and became an integral tool for what we do — especially with live-tweeting during the George Floyd protests in the Eugene-area during 2020-2021. 

But then it was purchased by a multi-billionaire with paper-thin skin and far-right sympathies — if not outright allegiances.

Due to Twitter’s instability, the prohibition on live-tweeting, and the generalized toleration of the most hateful and dangerous sections of the far-right, DSM is ceasing our engagement on the site. 

Now, under the totalitarian reign of Elon Musk, Twitter’s ecosystem has gone from being a crucial tool for journalists—mainstream or not—and antifascist researchers to what could only be described as a normalized 4chan.  

Here’s a few of the many objectively stupid things Musk has done to Twitter since spending $44 billion to buy the platform:

Okay, here’s a few of the things he’s done on Twitter in that same time: 

This is only a brief list of Musk’s actions. 

Moving Forward

Here’s what DSM is planning to do. 

We will leave our Twitter account active—unless it’s suspended for something we previously tweeted—but will cease to engage with the platform. We will not post future articles on the site or reply to comments and direct messages.

Instead, we have joined Mastodon and can be found at newsie.social/@doublesidedmedia.  

We will continue to use our Facebook and LinkedIn accounts. And we plan to be a lot more active on Instagram. We will also continue to use Patreon as a way of financially sustaining our work. They can be found at: 

And, of course, our website—doublesidedmedia.com—will be constantly updated with new articles and ongoing projects. If you’re thinking about supporting us or have been following us for a while, the single best thing you could do is bookmark our site or use an RSS feed reader. Increasing engagement with our site reduces the need to rely on social media sites to get our work out into the world, and the less power we give to the billionaires who run these sites, the more power we can reserve for our own communities and information sharing ecosystems. They need us more than we need them.

But most importantly, fuck Elon Musk.

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