The End

This is it. 

After more than three years, over 230 articles, and a dozen-or-so team members, we have decided that Double Sided Media has reached its fullest potential possible under current circumstances and, thus, its conclusion. 

Founded in August 2020, DSM was the creation of a bunch of scrappy college newspaper kids at Lane Community College and the University of Oregon that were unhappy with both the mainstream and law enforcement narratives surrounding the George Floyd protests—The Uprising—that we were all experiencing. 

Over the last year or so, DSM has seen a dramatic decrease in readership and online engagement. In reality, our operating costs have always far exceeded what we have financially made and has only gotten worse — and our reporting hasn’t changed. It was never going to. We remained committed to our ideal of ensuring that all of our reporting was free and accessible. 

As for now, we have decided that it is time for all of us at DSM to take a step back, take stock of all we’ve done these last few years, and plan for our futures, whatever they might hold.

For those of you who will read this and feel sad: please don’t. 

You were both a witness to, and a part of, this experiment — and it was a fucking success! 

We proved that you, or anyone else, can start something from scratch with the sole goal of challenging the mainstream, law-enforcement-infused narrative during a time in which it was not only wanted, but necessary. It is our hope that our existence, albeit brief, be used for inspiration and as a template for those who will seek to challenge the status quo. 

Many will ask what will happen to our website and, rest assured, we are taking steps to ensure that our articles will remain online in some capacity. The site will remain up in its current form and any updates will be announced. 

As for now, two more editorials will be published in the coming days.

Until we meet again,

  • James Croxton, editor-in-chief
    Mary Bell, managing editor

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