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Save a needle, slap a doctor

There are those who like the doctors, and those who do not. I was a strange sort of child, and enjoyed going to the doctors. I liked knowing what was going on with my body, and still do. Unlike other sciences, the medical field was one that felt closer to truth. I could trust the diagnostics, the examinations and suggestions, because cold, hard facts backed their claims. I felt as if my person was more mine the more I knew of its functions, so regardless of what afflictions put me there in the first place, I found comfort in those bleak offices. 


Sapphic Tragic: Lesbian Bars

Allow me to start by saying: there is no gay handbook out there folks. You do not wake up one day instantly an all-knowing gay. There is no gay stork. No gay Santa Claus leaving presents with cards that read “To: Gay, Love: Santa.” Not even a goddamn courtesy call from your local coffee shop. Queer-hood has been a battle of self discovery that the likes of straight-hood has never seen.


Queering the world: robbing those pesky cis-hets

As members of the “alphabet mafia” are well aware of, Queerness is often coded —think Miguel and Tulio from Road to El Dorado— and countless Disney villains. Because Queerness exists and manifests itself in both metaphysical and physical ways—and in tandem with both Queerphobia and heteronormativity—only a fraction of the world is Queer. 

The Gays can read, a Queer Lit review. 0

The Gays can read, a Queer Lit review.

Libraries and the books they serve are more than just bastions of knowledge and mutual aid, they’re sanctuaries, and, at times, the only shelter in a storm. Many Queer youth find solace in the...