We are Queer. Hear (read) us roar

As a Queer journalist at a mostly Queer media outlet whose first published article involved Pride, I should be able to write an absolute banger of a Pride article. 

However, this Queer voice has been heard enough, so I decided to do what Pride month represents: pushing Queer lives and our narratives from the shadows and into the light, amplifying our voices and telling our stories. 

So, for DoubleSided Media’s and QueerCor(p)s official Pride article, I’ll giving you all open-sourced Queer media because my voice is not the only one worth reading. So, I’ll be providing open-sourced Queerness. 

Because that’s Pride. This is Queer journalism and I hope you all enjoy what I believe does our people justice.

Sapphistries: A Global History of Love Between WomenLeila J. Rupp

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