Letter From The Editors


Our readers and supporters have probably noticed a slowdown in Double Sided Media content. 

It’s not that we aren’t still researching and writing; we are. During the winter months, however, the majority of DSM’s staff is knee-deep in schoolwork and, in many cases, other jobs. Ya know, jobs that actually pay us. 

That being said, there are still stories to be told and we’re working our best to find a balance between everything going on in our lives. For now, we will be continuing at our current pace and there are a number of articles currently in the works. 

As always, please subscribe to our Patreon. Being DSM’s main—well, only—source of income, it’s our Patreon support that keeps the website functioning and allows us to remain an independent and unabashedly antifascist news outlet. 

Letters to the editor and QueerCor(p) submissions can be sent to doublesidedmedia@gmail.com

Janusz Malo

I'm trying to survive late stage capitalism, give me your clicks.

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